Why does the MailWizz icon show up on tab View this Email in your brower.


So my boss asked me this question.
"Someday soon let's figure out why MW's Avatar is what shows up in public tabs?"

He included examples. see the attached image.
Can we put our CauseAction logo there instead?
I'm not sure how to search this topic.

Thanks for the help.


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That's just the favicon.
Create a an image called favicon.ico and place it in the document root of your app, in /customer and /backend and it will show-up instead of mailwizz's one.
@Papapooch To add to the above, and /frontend, if you have one ;)
@twisted1919 Would be quite nice to have this as a customization option (very old pending request), so that each customer (for those that use MailWizz for their ESP ops) has their own favicon (and logo, and text). Thx :D