Why do i get this error: email delivery is temporary disabled ?


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The error "Email delivery is temporary disabled." is specific to the following situations:

1. You have no active delivery server.
2. You have one/more active delivery servers but they are over the hourly quota
3. You have a valid delivery server but you have set some limits for the customers and the particular customer reached them.
4. You have a valid delivery server but the customer is in a grup that has certain sending quota and he just reached it.

Fixes for the above issues as they are listed :
1. Make sure you add and validate at least one delivery server and it stays active after you modify it(some changes to the delivery server require revalidation).
2. You have no option than to wait till next hour when the hourly quota is fine.
3. Check your Backend -> Settings -> Customers -> Sending settings.
4. Check the particular group settings, the Sending tab is where you should look at.
One of my customers can't send any emails (any campagain email oraz any test template email). When customer click send system show warning info:
  • Email delivery is temporary disabled.
I checked and none of the above does not apply to my case.

Other customers in this group can send emails without any problems. Any suggestion?


If you take a look at the customer quota, in the customer list, is this customer under assigned quota?
Has this customer a server assigned just for him?

Let me know.
Yes, customer is under assigned quota.

Question 2: no, this delivery server is assigned to group with other customer.
Stupid question, but does the server has a sending quota?

Other things, are you sure the customer didn't reached the timeframe you have assigned him to send emails?
(As defined in customer group i mean, in case you gave him one week and that week has passed)

You could also try to reset his quota and see if that kicks in, but i do have a hunch that it's something related to his group timeframe.

Lemme know.
This group (with this user) have assign Mandrill server - but like I said, other people in this group can send.

Some screenshot:

Okay, in this case i am pretty much sure the timeframe in which he has been added into the group vs the validity of the sending quota.
Try to reset the quota only for this customer, he has only 65 emails so it's not a loss in terms of sending.
If it works after reseting the quota, it means one month has passed since the customer has been added into the group and during this time he only sent 65 emails, and because the Action when quota reached is to do nothing, he isn't able to send anymore.

Give it a try and let's see.
OK, it's working now. My fault, Previously, I did not understand how "time unit" works :-(.

Many thanks for your help.
guys ive checked ebverything and its not letting me send emails - Im trying to send a test email (test template) from a campaign and it keeps saying
Email delivery is temporary disabled.
Ok Im all sorted -

I dont know what I did lol - but it was something like this
I initially set everything up inside of the backend, delivery servers etc

a few days ago I activated a field that allowed customers to add their own delivery servers - so when Inside of my own customer account it wasn't sending because I didn't have a linked server - although I had it in the backend it had to be added again in the customer end
Trying to send via sparkpost api .Getting this email delivery is temporarily disabled error. I even cleared my mail.domain.com records and only using sparkpost txt records.. I am using groups permissions properly..Please suggest or show proper video tutorial