Whitelabel Knowledge Base for SASS

Blake Bridge

New Member
Im getting ready to launch my company www.expoemail.io and I need to put together a knowledge base for my customers. Twisted has put together a fantastic KB and my question is this: Do you have a hhite label kb by by chance? I crawled kb.mailwizz.com and it produced over 10,000 links, and through the HREF tags and page titles, I can easily tell which links are the articles but I will have to literately pay someone to copy and paste for the info I need to fill my KB. Do you have an easier solution for me? Perhaps the mailwizz kb could be offered as a white label solution? Load it on my server and I can just change all mailwizz references to Expo Email? I would only need the data that is geared to the customer end. What do you think?
@Blake Bridge - For now we don't have any whitelabel for the KB, that's just a WP site where we have thrown info over the time as we saw fit. You can crawl it and get the info you need, i don't think that's against our tos or something.