Where to find spam complaints related to autoresponders?



We've gone live with a big instance of MailWizz and the autoresponders are cranking along. We have several delivery servers. SES, Elastic Email, and PMTA.

When it comes to Autoresponders, where will I see that there's been a complaint? IN the back end part of MailWizz, the "Campaign Abuse Reports" are empty.

I think SES and Elastic Email report them through the API... the PMTA has an email FBL box setup - where the ISPs will send complaints.

It seems like we should have at least 1 complaint so far. Again, these are ALL autoresponders for now. Where would I be able to see a complaint when it comes in?

Thank you!



Staff member
All the complaints for a campaign will be registered in the Complaints area which you can reach from the campaign overview by clicking the number of complaints from the complaints box.