Where is the location to edit pages?


I'm not sure where to look but where is the exact location on editing the unsubscribe page and all other pages?
I would want to remove the header part.
I'm referring to the actual page and css. I would like to remove the heading and change some borders and colors.
If you create a file called style-custom.css and put your changes in that and then put that file in /frontend/assets/css MW will pick those changes up and apply them before the style.css

Not sure which is the actual code, @twisted1919 is best to answer that one.
@Rob - You are correct. As far as changing the actual code, i don't think it's needed. If it is though, apps/frontend/views/layouts/ folder contains the files that must be changed.
P.S: Have a look at a little small implementation i did:
Hi, I also need help on locating the file as I need to add code to make changes to a remote database when someone unsubscribes from mailwizz.
@twisted1919 Hi, can I check if this is the right function/file to edit?
public function actionUnsubscribe_confirm @ apps/frontend/controllers/ListsController.php

I can just place my code right after "$this->render('display_content', compact('content'));" right?
@twisted1919 I need to add/update subscription values at a remote database, when a subscriber unsubscribes from a campaign.

The subscriber's user_id is stored as a custom field.
@Philip - For this exact reason you really have a more elegant way to solve the problem.
There's an extension in Backend -> Extend -> Extensions, called "List form custom webhooks".
Once you enable that, go to your list pages, to the unsubscribe confirm page ( /page/unsubscribe-confirm ).
You will now see you can Add webhooks to this page. A webhook is a URL where mailwizz will make a request with the subscriber info. This request can be either POST or GET, you can set that up.
The last step is for you to write the code from the webhook page to handle the request params and take proper action.

2. With the "List form custom redirect" extension enabled, if you go to the same page of your list as above, you'll notice you can set an url to redirect the subscriber after he unsubscribed and the number of seconds when the redirect happens.
You can then set a redirect like: http://mywebsite.com/unsubscribed.php?email=&user_id[USER_ID]&custom_field=[CUSTOM_FIELD] then in your unsubscribed.php file you just handle the $_GET vars :)

Any chance you could elaborate on this? Where do I need to add/edit what exactly to get custom redirects to work, please?