Where is the API keys


WTF loll

I can't seem to find this any more, yet I've used to integrated with an app a few months back.

I've been looking for a good 20 min now and getting pissed off lolll
I know it's supposed to be generated from the client account side but WHERE?

Am I getting old and blind? loll

Thanks for any help.
@Andy - The keys are in Customer area, but make sure the API is enabled from backend > settings > common, otherwise the menu item won't be shown in customer area.
Whoaaa Thanks man! :)

Yet, I've implemented this a few months back like I said, tested and worked of course. I don't remember that I've had disabled that nor even for what reason I would have done this. Anyway, I was looking at Common / API logically and saw nothing there so it was well hidden loll ;)

Maybe that setting should be placed in Common / API ... ?

Thanks mate.