Where is complaint tracking ?

When i start a test campain, i can't see complaint tracking only bounce tracking

so, where is complaint tracking ?

Does it really work? and How does the program work?

@tannguyentee - The abuse complaints will be found in the unsubscribes stats because we unsubscribe people that press the "this is spam" button from their email client.
Anyway, not sure what you did above, seems like all sending failed for you, see Backend > Misc > Campaign delivery logs area to understand why. And note that the way unsubscribes / abuse complaint bounces / etc are processed depend a lot on the delivery server you are using. If you are using a WEB API delivery server, chances are processing of these is done automatically for you. But if you are using a smtp server, then you need to add a bounce server and associate it with the delivery server and then later you also need a FBL server.
Please read https://kb.mailwizz.com/articles/feedback-loop-servers/ and https://kb.mailwizz.com/articles/bounce-servers/