When migrating to other domain, campaigns don't send emails anymore


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I just migrated MW (database and files) to other domain. I changed new data in apps/common/config/main-custom.php and I change all old URL in SQL file (before importing) to the new URL.

Now I tested sending a campaign and it doesn't send any email.

Status of campaign is only trying to send. It doesn't change to finished.

Is there another thing it is needed to do when migrating to other domain?

Yes, you can do that.

When you migrate first installation to other server, you change that license key.

In your customer area, you can also check IP registered with license.
Dear @twisted1919 , yesterday I bought a second license (blackfriday ;)), but I have the first license configurated in a server. May I migrate this first installation to other server but using the second license?
And is there some importants tips that I have to know with this?
Yes you can, just make sure you keep your license up-to-date from your mailwizz customer account and from your mailwizz application, from backend > settings > License info.
Im thinking about migrating to another domain also. Do i have to do a search and replace on the DB file to change the domain name like I have to do with wordpress?