What's The Purpose of Seeing Who Didn't Open Your Campaigns For a Long Time?



I'm using the "Filter" button to see who did/didn't open my campaigns for some time
(for example, the past 4 months).

The Filter works great. I see 1000's of subscribers that meet that criteria but can't find....

- A way to Build a Segment to Target Them.


- A way to Export Them

Did i miss something?

What's the purpose of having that filter if you can't do something with the results?


Hey man, I think you should be able to export the filtered subscribers from there. (Lists>Subscribers>All-Subscriners) you will have option to view, delete, disable, unsubscribe and export.


however the exported lists will have only Email, Source and Status i guess. if you have other feilds/column on your lists. you will need to filter them using 3rd party software.
Update: I can see the filtered results but when i go to "Export" them....

... the CSV is empty (it only contains the rows).

Comment: I'm using version i

Is it fixed on a higher version?