What was the settings (on campaign creating) - Json feed, Xml feed, Embed images and Email stats


1. Embed JSON is reffering to when you are using json feeds in your campaign and the special tags have to be parsed, as shown here: https://forum.mailwizz.com/threads/embed-json-feeds-into-your-campaign.13/
2. Same thing as #1, but for xml feeds as shown here: https://forum.mailwizz.com/threads/embed-xml-rss-feeds-into-your-campaign.14/
3. Embed images - instead of using absolute urls to reference images, embed images will actually embed those images in the email body by using base64_encode. Please note that this will make your email huge in size, thus pretty slow to deliver. I would not use this.
5. Email stats - if you enter an email address there, when the campaign finish sending, you'll get back an emails with detailed stats about the campaign.