What is the point of process-delivery-and-bounce-log?


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I know cron runs this command every three minutes to process bounces, etc:

*/3 * * * * /usr/bin/php-cli -q /home/xxx/public_html/e/apps/console/console.php process-delivery-and-bounce-log
I took a look in ProcessDeliveryAndBounceLogCommand.php and see that the command basically processes emails with bounces, errors, etc. Great. However, my question is, does this command apply to people who have a bounce server setup? I use an API with an SMTP provider and bounces are processed by them issuing a callback. Can someone help?

You know those settings from backend > settings > cron related to how many time a subscriber is allowed to soft bounce before we give up on the address? Well, this console command does exactly that, it's responsible for making those counts and take action when the numbers are reached.
Well yeah, the point to run once at 3 minutes is to make sure it doesn't process too much at once. running once a day would be pretty resource consuming i believe.