What html templates can I buy on the themeforest, compatible with the Email Template Builder?


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I noticed a new cool feature - Email Template Builder!
I want to buy a beautiful template for it. Advise please which templates are suitable.
Thank you.
@aglar - Please don't put too many high hopes into the drag and drop builder for now, it's a work in progress and it works extremely well for some people and extremely bad for others, but we're improving it and we should have a more stable version in the very near future.
Understood, consider :) It still looks great, keep it up!
Son there are no ready templates that work with this builder?
I think it's essential.
I second that. My customers will likely not use the drag and drop without them being responsive. I'm no expert with email design so maybe I am simplifying it but I think there are just a couple quick things that could be applied, that would make them responsive.
  1. Increase the text size on mobile only. Not sure what the standard is on this but I think Mailchimp does something like 20% larger
  2. Change any 2 column section into just 1 column on Mobile only. So change the widths of those to %s. So the widths would be 100% on devices smaller than say 480px but then they could be 50% (or whatever %) on devices larger than 480px.
I think if just those things were added, it would be a really good start.

Thanks for the continued work on this @twisted1919
@MCM - We did a lot of fixes on the builder, so it should be decently enough. I know it's built on react js, but since it's built by a 3rd-party, that's all the info I have.