What Do You Love About MailWizz?


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Here you can tell everyone what you love about MailWizz...
...it's like a celebration of its greatness...feature by feature
...as we discover, appreciate, and use them ;)

So please share what you find out is working best for you...thx!
For one, I love the sending options, whether that is in common (php/swift), the delivery server settings, the cron settings, the customer or customer group, or campaign settings! It is wonderful to be able to dedicate a DS for specific purposes, or to set the maximum number of messages per connection, and so much more :cool:

It has allowed me to go over five twenty thousand messages per minute (w/o any drh/pmta/mailerq/rabbitmq/manta/haraka/etc), and to see it breeze in cli verbosely is time and again fascinating!

Beats any other mailer (I know of so far) out of the water :D
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Haha.. thank you... Your name looks familiar too.
Guess I have read lots bout your pieces.. In my google searches always ending here..
Good job you guys doing here...