What do I need?


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I bought mailwizz way back and perhaps things have changed. My questions are

1) What server do I need. I am doing B2B marketing and basically finding interested parties emails and then emailing them some teaser to see if they are interested.

2) I used to use mandrill, they still any good? I also see some people recommending using gmail but as the emails are not opt in they will go to the spam inbox?

3) best way to verify emails? Preferably non-paid service?

4) What other tools or add-ons do I need to make everythign run like clockwork? I expect I will be emailing anywhere between 100-2000 people a day.
@maxd -
#1 - A VPS should do it, around 2GB of ram, SSD's and 2 cpu cores is good for a start.
#2 - Mandrill has changed the way they allow to use the service. Nowadays, mailgun, sparkpost, sendgrid, are a better choice.
#3 - There's no such thing as free validators :D
#4 - #1 setup should be more than enough, 2k/day is very slim.
@twisted1919 Thanks for the answers. Some more if you do not mind.

How about campaign tracking and open rates? What is best for that?

What to use for autoresponders?

Any tips for deliverability?

Is there a bunch of templates that we can use somewhere?