What are Segments and how do I use them?


Segments is a way to split a list based on it's custom fields value, it's basically a filter that applies to your email list.
For example if you have a custom field that stores the country of the subscriber, then you can easily create a segment to include subscribers only from certain(s) country(es) and so on.
In order to setup a segment, you simply create one and you add conditions, simple.
However, keep in mind that because of the nature of segments, performance(speed of loading and sending) on big lists will be affected a lot, so my advice is to avoid using them if possible.

Has this advice about using segments changed at all since 2014.

Has the way segments been implemented more efficient now?

I want to send lists that are 30K, 100K and do it by only 15 states how will that affect processing.

Are there alternatives like sending only to 100 a minute or something like this?


@SlideM / @frm.mwz - we changed especially the way we query the database based on those segments.
The performance will depend entirely on the number of conditions and the list size.
Hi, I am going to send my newsletter in various intervals, based on user preferences. I have played a lot with the script and as I see there are two ways how to achieve that:
  • Create separate lists (e. g. daily newsletter, weekly newsletter, monthly newsletter) and create a recurring campaign for every list.
  • Use just one list, create a custom field (something like "mailing_interval"), create segments based on the custom field value and create recurring campaigns for every segment.
Based on the discussion above, I guess the first solution would require less server resources. Am I right?
Btw. I bought the script two days ago but I am already impressed by your work!