Wait for quota to expire??


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Hello to all,
I have made a group with 1000 per month.
I want when the month pass to stop sending emails, even if it has remaining emails.
To to that I must to set the Wait for quota to expire to No?
Thank you
To to that I must to set the Wait for quota to expire to No?
No, you set this to YES because if the user sends the emails in the first 7 days, you want the rest of the days to WAIT ;)

How I setup to send 1000 emails per day?
There's no straight way to do a daily cap on the number of emails. You can assign that group few servers that have a hourly quota that sums up your daily quota, but it's a long shot.
@twisted1919 have a question here. Suppose if I want to allow my customers to consume the email credits and renew the plan multiple times before the actual expiry (validity), then what option should I choose there ? Wait for quota to expire to YES or NO ?
@VVT - Plan renewal can be done at any time, it doesn't matter the settings.
Keep in mind the "wait for quota to expire" refers to the time period given to the customer to consume those emails and to take an action when that is reached.
For example if you have a customer with 1K sendings/Month and as an action you have set to "reset the counters for a fresh start" and you wait for the quota to expire, then the reset will occur after a month, but if you don't wait for the quota to expire, the reset will occur when the customer finishes those 1k sendings, given he finishes then in less time than a month.
Makes sense ?
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Makes much sense now. So both fields there are inter related. Thanks much for the clarification.