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Hello MW Community,

Anyone know of very friendly VPS Data Centers what are willing to work with spam complaints from several of my clients?

Some DC's just block port 25 while others suspend the account without providing details for my investigation as to what lead to the spam complaint. So I don't even know which client that was spamming.

If someone could share some good VPS DC providers, this would be a great start. Thank-you :)
As soon as you reach a certain threshold of complaints or bounces you will get blocked because you are infringing the Acceptable Terms of Use.
It is normal for data centres to protect the reputation of their IPs and reducing spam coming from their network. Rarely you are going to be blocked on a small number of reports but more on a pattern of spam/bounce. (Buying lists... or providing the next best investment opportunity)

For instance, if you are using Amazon SES as a Transport Agent, they expect your account health to stick to:
  1. Bounce rate to be max at 5% and at 10% your account is at risk
  2. Complaints level to be max 0.1% and at 0.5% you will be blocked
This is true for VPSs but also for Bare Metal... Complaints, bounces will get you a call from your rack provider.

In MW you can easily see the send/lists generating high bounce, abuse complaints etc;...
Bottom line and to answer your question... No recommendation, whether Linode, DO, EC2 all doing the job, just make sure your clients are not sending spam, annoyance for you and the recipients of the mails.

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hello, you can check this PDF you have step by setup to get I VPS with the provider that permits sending bulk emails


  • 00- 10 IPs send Semails host-stage step by step.pdf
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