Very low delivery rate


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I am having problems with very low delivery rates: _ Kampanje _ Regularne kampanje .png

I assume that something is wrong with either my sending settings or with my server settings.

1. Here are current settings for sending: _ Settings - Google Chrome 2019-.png

Could someone give me suggestion on recommended settings for sending via VPS that has 8GB of ram and 2 vCPU with SSD? Please note that I only have few clients that are sending campaigns. The biggest client has 40k subscribers and he sends email once per week.

2. Email delivery logs are showing problem with sending too many emails: _ View campaigns delivery logs -.png
I am using SMTP email account and wonder how to raise this limit and resolve the problem? Maybe again this is connected with my sending settings?

Thank you in advance!
Additionally to what @ghimes said, the image you attached at #2 is the answer to the issue.
Mailwizz sends email after email and at some point the smtp server does not accept those emails anymore, so mailwizz marks them as 'giveup' for later retry. This is why you send 2k emails but only 200 were delivered, the rest are failures from your smtp server.
From what i see here i think your smtp has a 200 emails/hour limit, so you should edit the delivery server in mailwizz and set this hourly quota, you have a field for that, then save your server settings. This will make sure mailwizz will send only 200 emails per hour using this server and you should avoid above issue.