Version 1.8.9 Delivery servers removal

Ashish Shukla

MailWizz 2.0 Tester

I am about to upgrade, but before what to know what does mean by
[ENH] - Delivery servers are now removed in background

What will be impact on Delivery server.

In the past, when you'd click the "Delete" button for a delivery server, the system would try and delete it from database immediatly.
This worked well for 90% of cases, but when you have a delivery server with lots of stored delivery logs, then the removal process takes a lot of time and gives error in the web interface, therefore, we needed to improve this. So now, when you click that same delete button, instead of deleting the server, we just mark it as deleted and hide it from your view. Then, when the cron job runs, it will pick all these servers marked as deleted and delete them for good, and since this happens in command line, it does not matter how long it takes, it does not affect the customer in any way.