Verify Emails in Email Blacklist

Hi Eric,

In latest version there is feature Blacklist Monitor.

In that you can add such reasons which will alert you. And that you can remove from blacklist and use it again.
This sounds cool. But not what I am looking for? I would like bulkemailchecker to go through that blacklist and check the emails.
@Eric535 - Blacklist monitors are used for another purpose. If you need to check your emails using a service like bulkmailchecker, your best bet is to upload your list emails in that service and have them check for you. Then get a list with the invalid emails and using mailwizz, remove those subscribers from your own list. (Use BULK ACTION FROM SOURCE button located at, i.e: /customer/index.php/lists/ry363k931xe2e/subscribers )
@twisted1919 I already use bulkemailchecker. What I do is run the list through bulkemailchecker. Then once I am done, I import all the subscribers into the new list I created including the bad ones. Then I take the bad ones and I go to the backend and import them into the email blacklist. I like to keep the bad ones also this way if I ever encounter that bad one again, its already in my system as bad.

What I would like to do is once in a while check the emails that were already marked bad at one point or another and check them again. Sometimes bad emails go good again.
My So many Email automatically got Blacklisted , What is Blacklist monitor feature ? What is advantage if set Blacklist monitor?
How it Works ?