Various issues with MailWizz


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First of all, thank you for the great script. I have a few questions/issues:

>Is it possible to process bounces and complaints via postback URLs? The SMTP relay I’m using can send a bounce or spam complaint notification vis postback URL. Can MailWizz process it? For example, my SMTP relay can send a notification to -- will MailWizz be able to handle that?

>When installed, I got "Fileinfo extension Warning CFileValidator Required for MIME-type validation" message. I read a previous comment where you said GD library needs to be installed for this. I have GD library installed but this error still comes up. Help, please.

>I was able to setup RSS/XML campaign. However, how can I automate it to send automatically at the same time every day?

>Is MailWizz unable to handle multiple RSS/XML feeds in one email?


#1 - Yes it is possible to process bounces and complaints via a postback url, the implementations for delivery emails via web apis like mandrill, amazon, sendgrid, etc use this exact method.
However, given the fact that each provider sends its postback data in various formats, you will have to create the parsing implementation by yourself. You can look inside apps/frontend/controllers/DswhController.php to see how the other parsers are implemented.

#2 - Fileinfo actually requires php's fileinfo extension not GD, but it's okay, mailwizz can work without that too.

#3 - You can with some custom coding. For now mailwizz doesn't have recurring campaigns.

#4 - It can do only one.

Thank you for the response. Issues 3 & 4 are critical for me and would make MailWizz a lot more useful. Would it be possible for them to be added? I'd be willing to pay a fair fee to get the features added ASAP, and you would be able to push it to everyone.
Okay i see,
Anyway, even if you "sponsor" development for these two features, is not like they'll be ready in a day, it'll take a week anyway depending on my spare time for mailwizz, so sponsoring just makes sure it pushes some upcoming features in the top of the development, does not guarantee a certain release timeframe, though in this case, releasing a after adding these two won't be such a bad thing.
If still feasible for you, PM me.