Using for double opt in

Jon Kopp

Could someone explain how I would use landing pages to double-opt in subscribers?

I use unbounce landing pages to register users and give them access to a website. Once the user submits the information, the form details are POST URL to my CRM system.

I also sometimes use the unbounce webhook to post the user details to gotowebinar to sign up those users to upcoming webinars.

What would be my best route to take to set up double-opt in?

So i have decided to not use unbounce landing pages anymore and use mailwizz POST URL to double-opt-in my subscribers. My test form is located here:

This works as it should -- you receive the confirmation email and once you click the confirmation email, the subscriber is confirmed.

1.) How can I then post this data to my CRM?
2.) My CRM POST AUTH information needs to include hidden fields. Can I add these hidden fields as you normally would?

I have a zapier account that utilizes web hooks. Should I use web hooks in this case and if so, how so?