Using SendGrid transactional emails for broadcast campaigns

Jeff Guynn

Curious if anyone here has used SendGrid's transactional email platform (instead of their more costly marketing platform) to send broadcast (marketing) emails. Sendgrid's transactional emails are typically slated for sending merely membership signup info (username / password) and the like. But curious if anyone has pushed the envelope here to send marketing emails through the less costly channel. Any consequence? Thanks for the feedback.
He he he...Rob, that much I guessed myself already. Curious if anyone has used SendGrid in the way I described. Thanks.
So you know it is against T&Cs and you want people to admit to it on a public forum so you can benefit? On the flip side why would you want to abuse someone else's service for your own gain? seems incredibly selfish to me.

Lots of people work hard to actually try and avoid people like yourself.
For anyone just now stumbling onto this (now derailed) thread, let me encourage you to pay special heed to @Rob's posts in this forum. He is clearly an advanced user and has much useful insight to add. I know I've gained a lot by reading his numerous comments throughout this forum.

For anyone curious why I started this unusual thread, feel free to ask me. You will have been the first to do so.
Update to this topic: I spoke with SendGrid support, and learned that the transactional / marketing email distinction is only enforced when using their interface to compose and send emails. When using a self-hosted solution (like MailWizz), and relaying our emails through their api (as we do), we are free to send any email whatsoever (as long as CanSpam compliant, etc.). Marketing emails are no problem.

So it turns out we are free to send marketing emails through SendGrid, whether we use their free service (12K emails per month), the basic service (40K per month for $9.95), or whatever.

@Rob - How cool is that!