Using GatorHost VPS as mail sending server

Jon Kopp

I have a GatorShot VPS server. Instead of using services like elasticemail,, etc. to send mail .. where would I start in figuring out how to setup my VPS server to be my email sending server.
No, it's a Mail Transport Agent (MTA) if you want to send emails yourself you need to be able to manage through put rates, SMTP connections and various other things.

On a basic level, when you connect to email servers such as gmail they will tell you at what rate you can send to them, 20,000 emails per hour for example, you need to be able to manage that otherwise they will black list you and your IP reputation will be harmed making it hard for you to send emails.
To add at Rob's answer, iredmail is also an easy to setup solution, not that fast when sending million emails, but does work good enough.