Users cant subscribe


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I came across this strange error when I created autoresponder and send it to my user....i tested the signup form.....and it said

I get this error
Email delivery is disabled at the moment, please try again later!¸
This is huge issue for me....cause I embrace each subscriber and if I lose somebody that is bad.....

I have a limit of 750 emails per hour to send.....and I set the limit under server inside mailwizz to 650....
so why is the signup form blocked

I rather post here...cause via email I have to wait 24 hours...
@renko - if you have set the limit to 650 in delivery server, isn't there a chance that those 650 emails be consumed in a campaign and then simply because you have reached the limit you have set in mailwizz then mailwizz has no delivery server available to send other emails?
Have you tried adding other server only for list emails, to avoid these things ?
I dont understand...I set limit less than 750.....which is my host limit so in mailwizz i set it to 650, so I have 100 left just for little things like signup forms etc.....

I did not try to add another email......can i use email from same domain on my shared hosting.....I would prefer to have only one email like in interspire