User Guide/Tips & Tricks Extension


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I'd be interested in getting a few people together to build a User Guide/Tips & tricks extension.

Based around this guide to start with:

I was thinking about a Quick Start guide using workflows to go from first logging in to sending out first campaign.

Then a full User Guide but also incorporates tips & tricks to email marketing, inserting popups explaining the do's and don'ts of subject lines, what segments are and how best to use them.

Using something along the lines of

The ability to add them where you want and edit text. Add pages to guide for your specific target audience and add translations.

If anyone is interested in exploring this please let me know.


I was planning to suggest this since yesterday, thanks for the initiatives. I would love to participate and help to document what ever I have understood by far from MW. This should really help all of us. Tell me, how do we go about it.
As twisted knows, i already do a documentation for quick setup guide.
Count me in let me see what you have done
Hi All

Thanks for the great response. We seem to have a good number of people to get the job done.

I will outline how I see such an extension working. Please feel free to throw any ideas for it on here and we can start to pull it all together.