User can't register

Beau Buckley

New Member
Hello when a user looks to register, they are not getting there confirmation email so that they can become active in the system and login.

Why is this happening ?

Also. How do you set up custom redirect. Lets say you embed the form in page, opt-in page etc on a site. When a user clicks button after adding details you want to be able to redirect to the next part of the funnel etc.

I see the extension for user custom redirect URL but where is it in the customer area ?

This is a very important aspect

For your first issue, take a look in backend -> misc -> transactional emails, you will see those emails there. If their status is unsent, then you should double check your cron for transactional emails. Also, from 1.3.5, there are settings allowing you to send the email directly without putting it into the queue.

For the second issue, a bit of search doesn't harm: