Use Tags in From Email, From Name, and Reply To


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Hi, I am trying to hack the system a bit and insert tags from the list that will be the from email.reply to email, and from name. I have been able to remove the validation to the field to accept the tag in common/models/campaign.php but when I tested it it did not work. It did send the email but instead of parsing the tag content from the list it just showed the tag like [fromemail]

Do you know what files I will need to edit for this to work? Thanks!
Why would you need that, i mean, when creating a campaign, it inherits those values from the list anyway. Do you want to force some static tags to be used or the like ? Guess i'm trying to find out what you are after.
So this is the scenario. I have a company list that each contact is assigned to a sales rep. We want the message to come from the sales reps email/name instead of a generic company one.
Until I figure out a better way I am just going to use a list custom field and upload it with our list.
@Mattias - it's not an easy change...
The way i would do it is to add two hooks from an extension, like:
// a small trick to make a global subscriber object , no worries, we unset it.
Yii::app()->hooks->addAction('console_command_send_campaigns_before_send_to_subscriber', function($campaign, $subscriber, $customer, $server, $emailParams){
    if (!MW_IS_CLI) {
    Yii::app()->params['__tmpSubscriberObj__' . $campaign->campaign_id .'__'. $subscriber->email] = $subscriber;
Yii::app()->hooks->addFilter('delivery_server_before_send_email', function($params, $server){
     if (!MW_IS_CLI || !($campaign = $server->getDeliveryObject()) || !is_object($campaign) || !($campaign instanceof Campaign)) {
         return $params;
     if (!isset($params['to'])) {
         return $params; 

     list($toEmail) = $server->getMailer()->findEmailAndName($params['to']);
     $key = '__tmpSubscriberObj__' . $campaign->campaign_id .'__'. $toEmail;
     $subscriber = isset(Yii::app()->params[$key]) ? Yii::app()->params[$key] : null;
     if (empty($subscriber)) {
        return $params;
     $fromEmail  = $campaign->from_email;
     $searchReplace = CampaignHelper::getCommonTagsSearchReplace($fromEmail, $campaign, $subscriber);
     $fromEmail = str_replace(array_keys($searchReplace), array_values($searchReplace), $fromEmail);
     $params['from']  = array($fromEmail => $campaign->from_name);
     return $params;

So the above means you can have a from email in your campaign like [WHATEVER_TAG] and then when a campaign is being sent, that will be parsed with the actual value of the tag for your subscriber.
I haven't tested this, it's up to you from now on :)