Use MailWizz as SMTP Gateway (like mailgun)

Jeroen Verschoor

New Member
One of my customers would like to use just the SMTP service for sending mail and a frontend for statistics like bounces, spamcomplaints etc. The MailWizz frontend will not be used for creating emails or campaigns.

Can this be done with MailWizz? I couldn't find any information for such kind of setup.


Staff member
That's entirely a different type of app you're looking at. I think you can use Postal for a start.

Jeroen Verschoor

New Member
Hi Twisted,
I run PMTA behind MailWizz, I prefer using PMTA for delivering my emails but are in need of having a frontend which informs my customer about bounces/complaints etc.
Is there a way thinkable to use my existing PMTA and MailWizz for some basic statistics/delivery information?