Urls are too long for spam filters


Just checking as usual my deliverability and surprised to find that the internal links created from mailwizz are considered "probably spam" as they are longer than 120 characters. I've checked them, sure, there is a very long string of characters "...campaigns/ml043028j1205/track-url/ej164t7bel674/48621d8e197982f9ab17203bb74dedae6ee7eeac"

Any chance to work this around?



Staff member
That's hardly a valid reason, URL length can't be capped at 120 characters.
If you only add UTM tags to a normal URL you'll go over this limit.
On our end, I don't think there's anything we will in this direction.
You can install your own URL shortener and use that, but then again, short urls are penalised, so i'd say just move on with this...