Urgent - Question/problem with autoresponder campaigns


Hey @twisted1919 ,

I was looking for a solution where whenever a new subscriber gets added to any of my 9 lists, he gets an email in 3 hrs.
So whenever I add autoresponder campaigns, it creates a merged lists copying all the current subscribers.
But what happpens when a subscribers get added to the unmerged lists? The list where the campaign runs on is obviously separate.

How do I handle this ?

Could there be a system wherein the merge list auto updates when the merge elements of the list update ?
Wouldn't that be faster ?

Also will the auto respond work for new subscribers when I do it on a single list ?
I hope there's future update/fix for this.. i have multiple list and want to create 1 AR campaign but the merge list will not update for new subscribers. if i have to create 1 AR to each list and it very messy in campaign list.. too many campaigns... 10 Letters per campaign per contact list... its too many... i hope there more easier way to organize this.. like: 1 campaign multiple letter with each send date and can select/check not merge each contact list..
Can you help me on a quick fix on this.. i just wanted to have a ability to add new subscribers from my multiple list to another list so that i can just create a new AR to that new list.. Thanks
Its okay. what i just did is create a new list and adjusted all my php form to submit to 2 forms. Thanks