[URGENT] Mailwizz almost lost performance Extremely Slow

pradeep sharma

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Hi Every one and @twisted1919

I have aroude 2 Million Subscribers and sent few Newsletter to almost 2 million users.
now mailwizz is extremely slow
cant even send a single mail...

I have 2+2 million logs for delivery and others

i have a very high end server have good my.conf & php.ini settings with 256GB RAM DDR3 with 40Core CPU E7 4387

Still not able to do any thing..
should is delete my logs..if yes then how??
any impact on my application??


Go to Backend > Misc > Delivery servers usage logs, how many records it says there ?

Then follow these steps:
Run http://mysqltuner.com/ on your database and follow the instructions it will give you afterwards.
On your server, install a tool like htop and run it to see server usage in realtime and what uses those resources.
it says..

"Displaying 1-10 of 2120088 results"
I am also tuning and defragmenting the tables..but it is taking a lot of time..
Those are few records, 2M records is nothing, something else fails on your end, more than sure improper database configuration. You have so much ram and you don't use it at all. Run mysql tuner and do what it says. I don't know why you defragment tables, innodb tables do not need maintenance.