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Hello @twisted1919,

I'm sending emails through MailWizz via PowerMTA. But receiving the following error:

smtp;550 Please turn on SMTP Authentication in your mail client. domain [IP]:40456 is not permitted to relay through this server without authentication.​

Kindly reply as soon as possible, as it's very urgent.

@AC AFD - Really the message should be clear, something got mixed up in your smtp server and now it doesn't allow relay from where it used to allow it.
I can't do much to help, just google the error.
@twisted1919, Thanks for your reply. As MailWizz is your well written private script ;) so I will not able to get help on Google. Google only showing the same error results for Outlook, where we need to select "My outgoing server (SMTP) requires authentication".

FYI: Earlier with our default EXIM server email were going but with PowerMTA it's showing the following error.

So I request you to kindly look after this as it's very urgent :( Mates your suggestions also required! @Jesse James @bidorbuy @Jason @Rob

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First check your power mta server and see is it sending a test email ?

Then test same with MW installed server.

And then try on adding a new delivery server.

Let me know further what it reply.
Ok, have you tried using one of the available protocols and see if it works that way?
try them all, one by one and see how it goes.
@Vpul Shah, Thanks for your reply. The PMTA was earlier sending the test emails suddenly after first campaign of 73K emails, it stopped the sending operations and in the PMTA accounting logs showing the above error. :(

@twisted1919, I've already tried to do so but none of them solved the problem even any of the selection shown me the error with authentication only. So I used the blank protocol which sent the email to PMTA but PMTA accounting logs showing the above error. :(
@twisted1919, Ha trust me I found one who installed, but he was complete mess and ran after taking money. :) That's why I'm suffering from this. Hope for other mates replies who are already working with PMTA.
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