Upgrading from Regular to Extended license

Jeff Guynn

I assume if I want to become an ESP and sell my services, I need to have the extended license, correct? Some questions:

(1) I purchased the regular license. How do I upgrade to extended? By paying the difference? How do I do that?

(2) Once upgraded, do I need to reinstall some different code? Or will I reactivate my existing installation with a different license #?


As far as i am aware, you have to pay the full price of the extended license even if you have a regular one, but ask envato support just to be sure.
For your second question, there's no need to install anything else, the only thing the extended license does is to grant you some rights to charge money from your customers. Nothing more.
For anyone interested in this subject (upgrading from regular to extended license), here is the kind response I received from Envato support:

"There isn't a built in way for you to upgrade a license, but we're happy to work with you do that, should you need it. If/when you're ready to upgrade, you may simply purchase the 'upgraded' license option, and then contact us here in support. We will then issue a refund to you for your original 'standard' license purchase. Please let me know if I can be of further assistance."
@twisted1919 need more detail on regular and extended license.
Can we use extended license on more than 1 ip address or more than one server?
As far as i know, with regular license we can install MW on single server with 1 static IP.
@Ankit - Same goes with the extended license as well. The only difference is that with the extended license you can charge money from customers to use the system, while with regular license you aren't allowed to do so.
Thanks for the reply @twisted1919
Can you please let me know more about the "customer" in your case?
In case of MW, as far as I know, customers means adding a user on our hosted MW platform.
If I am wrong, please correct me.
@Ankit - A customer is simply someone that has access to /customer area of the application, that is able to send campaigns and so on.
So, if I upgrade, I buy a right, not functionality? because if I upgrade, I want to charge customers on a monthly basis.
How can I achieve that ?