Upgrading Backup Manager

Paul Hughes

New Member
I have not been able to find any documentation on how to upgrade Backup Manager. I have downloaded the latest version from CodeCanyon (codecanyon-8184361-backup-manager-for-mailwizz-email.zip) but not sure what to do at this point?

Anyone able to shed some light on this please?
Do I need to delete the current version first and then do the upload? I already have the Backup Manager Extension running and I want to upgrade to the current version. When I upload the latest version, and after I do a refresh, it still says the version is 1.0 so I am not sure if anything has happened.
@Paul Hughes - The backup manager current version is 1.0, so i am not sure what you try to upgrade, we haven't updated this extension since November 2016,s o most likely you already have latest version.
Merci beaucoup for this information. I had received an email from CodeCanyon that there was an updated version available so presumed as such. The readme.txt in the ZIP didn't have any version information so wasn't able to determine if the version I downloaded was in fact the same or a new version. Anyway, thanks for this update.

For future reference, if a new version does become available for any of the extensions for MailWizz, do we just do an upload again or do we need to delete the old one and then do the upload?