Upgrade successful?

Pablo Oliva

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Thanks @twisted1919. Maybe I'm just not very smart and this is just a suggestion, but the readme file could possibly be a little clearer as in:

If you are installing...
If you are upgrading...

I thought we had to install and then upgrade. Not the most logical, I know, but I just didn't know what was expected.


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MailWizz - Email marketing application.  
INSTALL STEPS: https://kb.mailwizz.com/articles/install-steps/  
(Follow these only if you install a fresh copy of the app)  

UPGRADE STEPS: https://kb.mailwizz.com/articles/upgrade-steps/  
(Follow these only if you upgrade the app)  

As always, you can get more info from www.mailwizz.com website.  
If you get stuck, please use the website to contact me.  
Thank you.  
See above,should be clearer now ;)
@twisted1919 Thanks for your awesome app.
I also have an problem on upgrade from to
1.3.X (i forgot the version) upgrade to was successful. but this time was failed. i have searched and followed all related post, still can't fix it . when i point to http://www.yourdomain.com/backend/index.php/update/ ,it always redirect to http://www.yourdomain.com/backend/index.php/dashboard/index.php .
I tried:
1.FlashFxp upload update.zip , then unzip and overriding the existing files. --- redirect to dashboard.
2.WinCP upload update.zip, then unzip and overriding the existing files. --- redirect to dashboard.
3.WinCP upload update folder,overriding the existing files. --- redirect to dashboard. (it takes very long time to upload)
did I missed somthing?
Thank you.
@Rocky Rocky - I get your app footer still says ?
if so, are you absolutely sure the files get overwritten? You can check this by looking in apps/init.php and see if the MW_VERSION constant is changed to the right version. (look in file after
@Rocky Rocky - the update/apps/init.php saying is perfectly valid since those are the update files... The idea is to check the apps/init.php file after you override the files from the server with yours.
From what i see in your above comment, you simply unzipped the update archive creating a update folder?
If so, this is not correct, you simply have to take the files from the update folder and copy them over your existing mailwizz files from the server.