upgradation of mailwizz to


I am trying to upgrade version to . i followed all steps properly which are mentioned here.

but my mailwizz version is same after following all steps. i tried to upgrade via ssh too. when i am executing following command
/usr/bin/php -q /var/www/html/apps/console/console.php update

it is not showing any process or anything else [No result].

could anyone help me out, how to upgrade version?
just truncate your delivery_server_log and cpampaign log tables first if they are big otherwise is stalls and times out on web or CLI
Eh, this happens like this: you do the update from the web interface, and it fails because it times out, then successive cals to upgrade just refresh the page because the updater tries to make some database changes that were already made.
Then you try to do it from the console but you get errors like some column already exists, or some index already exists and so on and the fix to this is shown here: https://kb.mailwizz.com/articles/update-failure-column-already-exists-1060-duplicate-column-name-​/
@twisted1919, firstly, i tried to update via web interface but i didn't get any update window. it was showing normal dashboard. reloaded tab atleast 5 times after 5-10 minutes.
after that, i tried via ssh, in ssh mode i didn't find any process after executing command.

there is no error neither in web interface nor ssh.
well, i tried to upgrade my another panel, not got success. could you please resolve the issue with another panel?
i am not able to upgrade it.
@Rajendra Singh - There's no issue with the upgrade process, just today i ran the upgrade for a bunch of machines without issues.
The upgrade guide should be more than enough to help and if you get issues, enable debugging and post the error here.
@ Rajendra : You are replacing UPDATE folder only. Not all that files.

You have to replace all files from update folder to your root.

We did that and it works.
There is absolutely nothing wrong with the upgrade itself. I upgraded our installations yesterday and everything worked like a charm.