Updation of Blacklist/Banned Database for Email and Domain Filter


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I have list of emails and domains to be blacklisted to stop spam mail IDs being imported into list.
My list is big, with around 1.5 lacks such spam domains.

I tried adding them into Blacklist section of setting, but it does not work due to huge list.
Can you help me to understand, if I can do it from backend or what is the best way to upload my blacklist domain filter list to MailWizz
@AMARNATH GUPTA - The blacklist wasn't really designed to accept million emails import.
Can you try to split that big list into smaller ones and upload them one by one?
100k emails should be okay.
Dear Sir, I understand that. But I want to understand that where these less than 100K filter should be imported.
Please note that I am not referring to Contact List for mail campaign.
But, I am refering to Regular Expression list for Email Blacklist Filter.
Thanks for the info, i was referring to that as well, the regular expressions is not designed for such huge list, try to import your list in the global blacklist, by splitting that huge 1.5M emails list in smaller lists.
Can you guide me where I can do that please. I actually have been looking for Global Blacklist only, but could not find. Can you guide me a little, how to do that. Even if I can do it from backend, instead of App's backend panel
See Backend > Email Blacklist
But there is a problem. This location is to import direct list of emails.
This location does not allow to import "Domains" to be blocked.
Can I import only Domain into this list?
Let's take an example, that I want to block aidwix.com domain.
Now, under this Backend > Email Blacklist, I need to import abc@aidwix.com, zxc@aidwix.com, xyz@aidwix.com etc.
Will it allow me to block the whole domain, and how can I import them
@AMARNATH GUPTA - You are right the global blacklist only accept valid emails addresses not wildcards and the regex area which accepts wildcards was not designed for such a huge number of emails, so i am afraid that right now we don't have another options, you might try to block at SMTP level.