updating process

I've had problems with previous updates and am seeking the guidance/step-by-step instructions for the current version to do this correctly. Can you reconfirm/provide this information.

Before starting the update process, make sure you backup your files and database, this is very important.
You can also download the Backup Manager extension from CodeCanyon in order to ease the backup process:

1.Make sure you are not running any campaign when updating (pause them if needed)
2.Move your application offline from Backend -> Settings -> Common
3.Upload the contents of "update" folder on your host, overriding the existing files
4.Point your browser to http://www.yourdomain.com/backend/index.php/update
5.Follow the update wizard


Please also read the CHANGELOG file as it highlights important changes you should be aware of.

Additional update notes
The update script will try to clear the contents of the following folders:

If for some reason it fails, please make sure you delete the contents manually and make sure these folders remain writable by the web server.
Point 1: did you click the "Save Changes" button at bottom of page when you changed the status to "offline"