Updating Mailwizz to latest


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Every time i update mailwizz to the latest version via ssh i get this error "CWebApplication.apps". The steps i do are extract the files in the update folder and zip them up, then i upload them to my mailwizz directory and extract them there, when it asks me if i want to overwrite the matching files i select A for All.

This should work but it does'nt.

If i upload the files via SFTP i get no errors but it takes a few hours to upload the files.

Has anyone got any solutions.

@chrisj383 - i assume you're talking about the file manager from CPanel/Plesk? If so, we don't recommend doing like so for this exact reason, because you never know what files will fail overwriting.

SFTP is safer, even if it takes a while. SSH is even better if you have some experience with command line.
I have some experience with ssh, i just need some guidance on how to do it successfully via SSH as every time i try with SSH i'm getting the above error.
Say you have mailwizz located in /home/domain/public_html/ directly, i.e: the apps folder from mailwizz is located at

Here's the steps:
# go in home dir
cd /home/domain/

# download mailwizz, optional, otherwise upload it via sftp
wget https://www.domain.com/mailwizz-1.4.3.zip

# unzip mailwizz, will result a folder called mailwizz-1.4.3
unzip mailwizz-1.4.3.zip

# copy the new mailwizz files over the existing ones, overwriting them
yes | cp -R mailwizz-1.4.3/update/* public_html/

More or less, that's it.