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for several days I have been trying to update my version of Mailwizz without succes. I followed the instructional video and copied the "update" folder with all of it contents rewriting the old folder. After trying the URL /myinstalation/backend/index.php/update I received no option to update the Mailwizz, just regulard refresh. I thought I copied it incorectly (it has not been rewritten) so I repeated the step several times ... without any success. Then I delete the whole folder and uploaded the new one ... still the issue persists. I am baffled now. Could you provide me your assistance? I am using CentOS droplet on DigitalOcean.

After you upload the files, have a look in the file apps/init.php on your server and look for:
define('MW_VERSION', '1.3.6.X');
What's the version in your case?
@Ymmies - Not quite...If the files frm the update folder would have overriden the files from your server, then apps/init.php would show not thus it means the files were not copied properly.
I see. There was a folder "update" in the main directory on the server so I thought I am supposed to rewrite the folder and its contents with the new. (Probably the administrator who set up mailwizz for me copied the folder here).

I have now different problem though. I rewrote the files in the main Mailwizz dir and unfortunately the app stopped working. HTTP ERROR 500

Do you know what might be the cause? I just copied the files
Thank you.

Fatal error: Cannot override final method ExtensionInit::runQueriesFromSqlFile() in /var/www/html/mailwizz/apps/extensions/support-tickets/SupportTicketsExt.php on line 281
@Ymmies - Download the extension from codecanyon again, unzip it and upload it to /var/www/html/mailwizz/apps/extensions/ to override exiting extension files, then try again.