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Hello everyone,

It seems some of you post support tickets even if they request basic information that can be found on the public forum by searching or by simply getting familiar with the app, and all this even if when posting a support request, you do get a friendly reminder to not do this unless you have to.

You need to understand that opening a support ticket means everything we discuss there is private, therefore nobody else can benefit the solution to your problem and this leads to dozen support tickets related to same problem simply because the information is not available in the public forum for people looking for a solution to same problem.

This has to change as it is not effective at all, it leads to wasting precious time on all sides, mine and yours, therefore, please, post support tickets only if your problem is very specific and cannot be posted in the public forums, and please, really, use the search function of the forums, let's stop wasting precious time, please.
On the opposite side, not following these simple rules will result in closing your support ticket and pointing you to this article to read it again and see why we need to go this way.

Things might be added and/or removed from the above list, so make sure you visit this thread from time to time and see what's changed.

P.S: I don't intend to be mean or the like, i am just outlining some things that should be obvious by everyone from the start.

Thank you.
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