Updates changing content


Hi! I just updated to 1.8.5, and some small things were overwritten. For example, during campaign creation, I’ve changed the language of one step of the breadcrumb trail to be “Content” instead of “Template,” as I believe this is confusing.

When I updated, of course, the language had reverted.

Is there any way to make these sorts of changes without updates reverting them?
@Nick Thacke - If you change core files, then this is expected to happen.
The right way to do these type of changes is via hooks (actions and filters) or via extensions and themes, depending on your changes.
If you let us know what exactly you changed, we can add hooks so you can do the changes via hooks and be safe at upgrades.
Perfect. I’d love to have hooks for the campaign creation step titles at the bottom of those pages.

For other things, should I just list them here? Or is it possible for me to create the hooks myself?