[UPDATE_PROFILE_URL] tag takes to original Mailwizz URL


I have set a tracking domain for one of my customer account/delivery server.
And I insert [UPDATE_PROFILE_URL] and [UNSUBSCRIBE_LINK] in my campaign.

While [UNSUBSCRIBE_LINK] takes me to the tracking domain which is correct,
[UPDATE_PROFILE_URL] takes me to original domain on which Mailwizz was set.

When I hover my mouse on the link of [UPDATE_PROFILE_URL] the URL shown
is the one of tracking domain but when I click on that it opens the URL with
original domain.

I do not want my customer to know on which domain the original mailwizz is
set. How can I correct this ?
[LIST_UID] needs to be rewritten as real UID list or I put it like that?
Put it like [LIST_UID] and mailwizz will take care to parse this. Also you can find all available custom tags if you click on [Available tags] button present in template step.

Screenshot 2021-05-20 at 11.45.21.png
Hi. I do it but the result if i click the url is 404.
The situation is that i do the click from a page of my website because i embedded 2 forms and i use custom url.
Any idea to solve?

This custom tags will be parsed only on campaigns sent with mailwizz.

Thank you.