Update profile link on confirming subscription is wrong

Thanks !
One more quick question please.
I have defined custom fields for the list with tags as NAME and SENDER. However the email template doesn't translate them on the welcome email. This is how it looks like on the email. Please help.
Hey [NAME], I am [SENDER] - your private digital monetization partner
Are [NAME] and [SENDER] listed as available tags in that page? Are these values getting filled in ?
Damn, no they are not available. How do I make them available from the form that the user fills in to subscribe ?
This is really important for me, please tell me it is possible :eek:
They dont show up for me, neither the visible or hidden fields :(
I downloaded the software yesterday from the codecanyon download page after purchasing. That would be the latest version right ?
How do I check for the version number?


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Ok just check my version says -
Processed by version in 0.08 seconds using 3.844 mb of memory

But that should be fine. See even the name and email tags don't show up below as available tags.
What to do ?
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Download mailwizz once again from CodeCanyon, you should now download version
Then follow the README file inside the archive for upgrading ;)
Ok I read somewhere that I should override, but I deleted and replaced with the new one.
What do I do about it ?
Okay, so I replaced the current update folder with that for and then did a cp -R overwrite with the version.
Still same issue, backend/index/update redirects to dashboard/index

What now ?
Figured it out, was supposed to replace update folder with the latest folder not update folder of current version :)
And the problem got fixed with the update, thanks !