Unsubscribed via Web Hook!

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Unsubscribed via Web Hook!

Does it means a real person have unsubscribed?
I attached the screenshot of Unsubscribes repor.


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It means people pressed the "This is spam" button in their email clients and then mailwizz took further actions and unsubscribed them.
Wow, thats a good unsubscribe handler without sending future emails to the list subscriber when they marked campaign emails as spam.
Thanks for your reply.
Hi there,

One of my clients got the same error.
They sent to 4 500 people, but 600 automatically unsubscribed! I would say there is a bug in my case.
What could be happening? How to fix it?

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It is not usually happening.
I could download log file from Elasticemail. All of these 600 have this: Requires Private IP
So it was probably rejected by mail providers for some reason. Will see what Elasticemail says about it.

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Looks like I haven't answered how it got fixed. The problem was that elasticemail servers got blacklisted by major ISP here in my country. That meant the emails sent were automatically rejected and unsubscribed. When elasticemail changed my ip pool, everything started working again.