Unsubscribe page just reloads - no message to user

We have an unsubscribe page with double opt-out which works fine in as much as the email is received with the link – all good. What happens when the person clicks unsubscribe can be totally confusing though as the page just reloads with no message to say something like “Check your email for an unsubscribe confirmation “ or similar. Is this possible?
Yes you get that when you click the link in the email to complete the unsubscribe process. However, you are not presented with the green banner when you first complete the form.


Staff member
The green banner doesn't appear in this case, you get the message in the page as you can see above.
You get the message once you click the link in the email to confirm. When you initially complete the unsubscribe form, there is nothing to say "check your email". I'm wondering why the green banner isn't appearing.