Unsubscribe link triggered as spam


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seems like unsubscribe link is triggering spam filters.
If i keep using it, we will just keep getting blacklisted, that is what ivmURI told me.
Removing unsubscribe link is not a good idea, so what I can try to fix this problem?
Thank you
If your unsubscribe link is triggering spam filters, the problem might be much deeper.
Check your IP and sending/tracking domain rep and content before sending.
If nothing helps, you can disable the requirement for a unsub url, but would need to offer an alternative unsubscribe method (e.g. by email).
Inboxing & SPAM is always a probability which is always less than 1 mathematically. I have studies SPAM filter in details.
So all your Mails cant always land in inbox always INBOX even though you hv highest reputation, a small portion will always land to spam and VICE Versa.

if you do a lot of spamming still you ll see some portion landed to inbox.

This ratio SPAM:INBOX depands on lot of factors like Engagement, Domain Reputation, IP reputation, Content, Link Reputation, assets link reputation users personal filters, Engagement Entropy, Domain Engaged unique users, report spams reports etc..

Unsubscribe link is a facility in Gmail which will help you in long run. for 2-3 tests in may land your mail in inbox if you remove it but do a test for 100 users+ to get ful report