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How to unsubscribe a subscriber from all lists at once?


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You can do it from Customer > Lists > All Subscribers by opening the filters, searching for the subscriber and unsubscribe from all the lists.
I did so and saw 15 lists. Do I need to click on every button it gets? Is there a simpler method?
@Dima108 - You selected "View" from the action dropdown in order to view these 15 records. Now select other action and submit your form the same way like you did before.
Is there a way to do this from the API with a list of emails?

I have some advertisers that occasionally send a list of problem emails they recommend be scrubbed to avoid complaints. Is there a way to import the list and have them all unsubscribed from all lists?

While I could add them to the blacklist, I've read doing so could cause a slowdown of mail over time. For this reason, it might be better to unsubscribe them. But please comment on which is the best way to do this. Sure I can locate them in the list as described, but when there are a few dozen it gets tedious.

Is there a way for a subscriber to unsubscribe themself from all lists that they belong to?

I ask because I use multiple lists each a subset of the others and so if a user unsubscribes from a sub-list I'd like to automatically respect that unsubscribe across all lists.
@p. bateman - in the list edit screen, there are options to set, so that if a subscriber unsubs from that list, to unsub him from others too, and you can select which one or all.