Unsubscribe confirmation - not working


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I try to unsbuscribe from a list, but i receive an error.

TitleUnable to send email
MessageSending the unsubscribe email for a subscriber belonging to the Demo List list failed because the system was not able to find a suitable delivery server to send the email

I have configured 2 AWS SES servers for sending campaigns, but when unsubscribe, it does not work. I do not receive the confirmation email and this error appears in the notifications.


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Gotcha, that's okay. Is this a system server or assigned to a customer?
If it is a system server, are customers allowed to send from system servers?
If it's assigned to a customer, is it the same customer as the one who owns the list that can't send emails?


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Both servers are System Servers. I can send campaigns from both demo accounts. However, when I press the unsubscribe button (in a test campaign), I do not receive the confirmation by email.